Data-informed insights on your Customers

Empowering your eCommerce store with relevant insights on your data & customers.


Helping Your Business

Less Friction

Identify & reduce the friction points impacting your customers

Reduce Risks

Close those gaps & reduce risks for your business

Sustainable Growth

Generate long-term sustainable growth for your business

For Bootstrapped Independent Businesses

SiteUpturn is focused on meeting the needs of B2C stores & brands powered by Shopify or WordPress, who utilize Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager.


How You Can Benefit

Trusted Partner

A trusted partner looking out for not only your marketing needs, but your business.

Increased Revenue

Increased revenue from being strategic about reaching wallet-out customers.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with stronger & more sustainable ROI.


Setting You Up for Success

We help improve key areas of your site, help you understand your customers better, & ensure your data can provide actionable insights.

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Reduce friction on your website for customers

Unlock more value from your data

Attract & retain more of your ideal customers

“How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.” – Yvon Chouinard · Founder of    

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