Soul and Substance.


Hi and welcome! As a business owner, what are you most concerned about?

SiteUpturn is a solo growth consultancy in Sacramento, CA. We help independent direct-to-consumer businesses/brands, with soul & substance, generate long-term sustainable growth. 

SiteUpturn uses a data savvy approach & framework to empower your business, reduce your risks, & drive more sustainable growth.

SiteUpturn is Focused On:

  • Identifying & fixing where your website is leaking $ and leaving $ on the table 
  • Reducing your wasted marketing costs & maximizing ROI from your marketing efforts
  • Generating long-term sustainable growth for your business
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Less Ego. More Empathy.

Business Portrait

SiteUpturn is run by Brian Soell and is headquartered in Sacramento, CA (or between San Francisco & Lake Tahoe).

SiteUpturn is committed to being a trusted & beneficial business partner (without you having to give up equity or office space)…for the long-run!

As a business owner, you've seen the gap between large scale enterprise solutions that are too costly, software that's too complicated & frustrating, & countless shady hucksters that aren't trustworthy.

Further complicating things, there's a tremendous amount of noise out there.

These factors create significant issues for you & your business. This is why SiteUpturn was established.

"My #1 goal for you…a better future with options for you & your business."

"Who are you?"

I’m Brian Soell & I run things at SiteUpturn. I received my master of business reality growing up in a family-owned business. In addition, I studied Criminology at Marquette University (Go Warriors!).

I was entrusted, for years, with safeguarding hundreds of millions of $ at FIS. I was also employee #1 at an award winning ice cream company that’s been mentioned by The New York Times, USA Today, & Virgin Atlantic. I most recently helped with project management & growth for an E-commerce apparel company that reached the Inc. 500.

I've been helping family-owned businesses my entire life in a variety of roles (from cleaning bathrooms to managing 6 figure marketing campaigns & everything in-between). These experiences have provided me with countless life & business lessons (some good & some tough ones) of what it means to be an entrepreneur & a small business owner.

I hate gatekeepers & those businesses that dismiss their customers as a commodity. (We are definitely not a fit for working together if this applies to you & your business).

"Why do you consult?"

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship & helping businesses that have a soul! I value attention to detail & trust. (Here's some insight on our approach for working with clients).

You know who you are. You hustle. You show up. You're accountable. You've earned your loyal raving customers, but are looking for more.

I love (like 'yelling with enthusiasm from experiencing the Rolling Stones taking the stage for the first time' level of excitement) working together with clients & delivering value to them!

"Who do you help?"

SiteUpturn is focused on meeting the needs of B2C stores & brands powered by Shopify or WordPress, who utilize Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager. Here are the services provided to you.


Thank you for listening. We're listening as well. Let's talk.

Hours: 9a-5p (Pacific Time) · Mon. - Fri.