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SiteUpturn Services

Website Walkthrough™

Usability impacts your bottom line. Provide a better customer experience on your website. Improve your business with conversion-focused feedback on your website.

You'll Receive:

  • A 30 min. video to keep & review at your convenience
  • Recommended list of tools that relate to your website
  • A one page summary & list of actionable takeaways to review with your team

Analytics Analysis

A thorough review of your Google Analytics account. Unlock more value from your data today.

You'll Receive:

  • Detailed analysis of one Google Analytics property
  • An 88 point high-value inspection of your Google Analytics property
  • A list of recommended changes to implement with your Google Analytics property
  • One custom built Google Analytics interactive dashboard tailored to your business
  • Optional: With your permission, non-developer changes will be implemented live.

Growth Game Plan

Long-term sustainable growth requires a framework, including testing to find the right solutions for your business. We cut through the noise, providing you with strategic opportunities to drive sustainable revenue.

You'll Receive:

  • Analytics Analysis items above
  • Customer Interview questions & analysis to better understand your customers & improve communication with them
  • An assessment of your e-mail marketing campaigns (access required)
  • 4 proven high ROI e-mail marketing template examples to implement
  • Scrutiny of your paid advertising/marketing campaigns (access required)
  • A thorough review of your customers’ transactional data (access required)
  • A growth playbook report highlighting our findings & recommended changes

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